8% Calcium

LIQUA-JIP® is designed to provide a safe, 100% soluble form of calcium ion that can be injected into the irrigation water. LIQUA-JIP increases the Calcium ion concentration in the soil solution making Calcium more available for plant uptake.

Maintaining Soil Cation Balance

  • Liqua-Jip is a free form of liquid Calcium, derived from Calcium Amino Lignosulfonate and complexed with proprietary Organic Acids
  • The solubility of Calcium in Liqua-Jip is >100 times that of other forms of gypsum
  • Improves soil texture, soil flocculation, and helps with water penetration
  • Helps strengthen root systems contributing to increased plant vigor and higher yields
  • Provides high concentrations of Calcium, essential for adding solidity to nut crops
  • The lining found in Liqua-Jip has been shown to suppress nematodes in the soil
  • Calcium in Liqua-Jip is complexed and chelated
  • Liqua-Jip helps displace sodium ions, aiding in the leaching of excess salts away from roots
  • In season rescue treatment during period of drought when conventional gypsum is still sitting on the soil surface
  • Applied through various irrigation systems with no concerns of clogging filters, emitters, or nozzles
  • No settling of product as Liqua-Jip stays in solution
  • When applied through irrigation, Liqua-Jip will replace dry gypsum applications; thereby reducing application costs and compaction issues
  • In season rescue treatment during periods of drought when conventional gypsum is still sitting on the soil surface

The effectiveness of LIQUA-JIP is enhanced by the addition of Penmax®.

Liqua-Jip and Penmax are registered trademarks of Western Nutrients Corporation.

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