Water Penetrant

Penmax® will greatly increase water penetration, flush salts away from the root zone, increase the beneficial microbial base, and reduce clouding and crusting.

Get the Most Out of Your Irrigation Water

  • Non-Ionic
  • No pH effect on soils
  • No compounds formed with hard water
  • Less product required
  • Penmax enhances the activity of soil organisms
  • Improves and balances the soil ecology
  • Preserves soil moisture by minimizing water evaporation
  • Allows water to move deeper and laterally in soils
  • Helps carry excess problem salts away from roots
  • Creates an improved root/soil interface

Penmax is most effective when applied to the first irrigation set followed by sulfuric acid in the second irrigation set. Penmax will remove sodium and other salts from the soil profile and move water down 8 to 10 feet and 12 feet across. Sulfuric acid can be added with less chance of tie ups with salts to move deeper in the soil profile.

Penmax is a registered trademark of Western Nutrients Corporation.

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