Costa Rica Teak Plantation

WTB Technology Corporation develops teak plantations in Costa Rica. The company also has view lots for sale, as well as home construction. We currently have a 150–acre teak ranch, Rancho San Pedro, near Cobano in Costa Rica. The plantation has 100 acres of teak trees and 50 acres of forest plateau, suitable for view lots of the ocean.

Teak is rapidly becoming a rare commodity. Old teak in rain forests is very rare. Teak planted today and cared for properly, will be very valuable in the years to come.

The July 2002 picture shows trees that are 3.5 years old. There are 100 acres on the plantation, planted with 35,000 trees that double in size every two years.

WTB Technology has a farm management company in Costa Rica that works with the Costa Rican Department of Agriculture to ensure that we use the best agronomic practices possible for best quality and growth. We survey all our properties for the best soil and terrain which are conducive to maximum teak yields.

Teak is a precious hardwood with dwindling supplies. It can only be grown in certain parts of the world and will become a rare commodity with great potential for future value.

Teak prices range from $10,000/acre and up depending on the age of the teak plantation. Lot prices start at $50,000 depending on location and lot size.

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