Seaplants Liquid Seaweed 2#

.2% Nitrogen | .2% Phosphoric Acid | 3% Soluble Potash

Seaweed extract is a bio-stimulant aimed to improve foliar nutrient uptake and availability as well as reducing in season abiotic stress. Both of these contribute to overall improved plant health and immunity.

Help Your Plants Grow Bigger and Stronger

  • Enhance foliar nutrient availability and uptake
  • Increase yield potential
  • Increases root, stem, and foliage growth
  • Increases leaf chlorophyll formation
  • Contains organic acids for compatibility and performance
  • Promotes early seed germination and establishment
  • Excellent cell stabilizer as it allows plants to increase resistance during time of stress
  • Enhances plant resistance to diseases and pests
  • Improves photosynthesis

Seaplants Liquid Seaweed 2# is compatible with most fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides. Use ample water for coverage. Always do a jar test when mixing with other products. It can be used with all types of application equipment.

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