Humiplus Fulvic Acid 8%

Mobilize Soil Nutrients

Humiplus Fulvic Acid 8% contains quality fulvic acid to help mobilize soil nutrients and improve their availability for plant uptake. It helps support strong plant growth and create resilient crops with nutrient healthier soil. The benefits can be obtained through both the plant’s roots and its leaf surface allowing an increased nutrient absorption rate. With this fertilizer, your plant can be on its way to improved root structures, seed germination, photosynthesis, and water absorption.

Humiplus Fulvic Acid 8% is comprised of an organic complex molecule that has a very large capacity to hold and exchange nutritive cations and anions. The effectiveness of this type of organic additive to fertilizer will (1) enhance cell wall permeability through the root and leaf system as well as (2) greatly increase the effectiveness of cation transfer in the soil.

Set Your Soil Up For Success

  • Promotes micronutrient collection and transportation as a natural chelator
  • Increases cation exchange capacity of soil
  • Stimulates root development
  • Enables better uptake of nutrients
  • Works well with acid fertilizers
  • Stimulates enzyme activity to increase plant resistance against abiotic stress factors
  • Easy to apply with other fertilizers throughout the growing season
  • Works in synergy with other Western Nutrients products

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