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WTB Technology was founded by President Craig Waterman in 1990. With over twenty years of experience, WTB Technology has developed special phosphate fertilizers that give maximum solubility and mobility of nutrients to soil. Their reaction process and quality control produces highly refined, pure and stable products. WTB Technology also produces several organic plant washes sealed with OMRI approval. 

You can find WTB technologies products in the wholesale markets where it is also marketed by Western Nutrients Corporation.  With WTB Technology, you can be sure that the quality and shelf life is ALWAYS guaranteed.

Studies conducted at Tennessee Valley authority, National Fertilizer and Environmental Research Center, Muscle Shoals, Alabama, have been shown that salts of phosphorous acid have solubilities significantly higher than those of corresponding phosphates.

W T B Technology has studied TVA's research and has developed a phosphite fertilizer line that will give maximum solubility and mobility of the phosphorous acid and potassium that is present in the NutramixTM P, PK, and NPK line of phosphite fertilizers.

Our reaction process and quality control produces a highly refined, pure and stable product.

For the Best in Phosphite Fertilizers, ask for NutramixTM Phosphite Fertilizers.


Contact Information:

  • Gloria Waterman, President
  • Mark Armstrong, General Manager
  • Marie Fetalvero, Assistant General Manager
  • Marie Fetalvero, Purchasing Agent
  • Craig Waterman, Consultant
  • Ed Benech, Consulting Manager

245 Industrial Street
Bakersfield, CA  93307
Phone:  661-327-9649
Fax:  661-327-1740