Growing Teak Trees  


In this lush tropical environment teak trees grow very rapidly. The pictures below show teak trees shortly after they were planted and their progress through early 2004.

Playa Tambor is a short forty five minute plane ride from its capital city of San Jose. Tambor's airport makes it convenient for commercial or private flights daily. For those who enjoy boating and scenery, the ferry is an interesting way to travel to the peninsula of Playa Tambor.


Photos Of Teak Ranch

View From the RanchTeak Plantation



Teak Trees in Early 2000Teak Trees in Late 2000

The graphics below depict teak trees that have been removed during the first thinning process. Additionally represented is the plantation in its' current stage of growth and development. Currently we hold over 7,000 available teak poles with a circumference of 16 inches at mid girth.

Ranch Foreman, Oxen are used to transportPeeling process of 3.5 year old teak polesCraftsman peeling teak poles by handPeeled Teak Poles

Warehoused PolesWarehoused Poles

Teak Poles 

      We have 7,000 teak poles with 16 inch circumferences (at mid girth) available.

3.5 year old tree cross cuts3.5 year old tree cross cuts

 Teak Poles at Warehouse

The graphics below depict the early clearing and planting of baby trees and pictures of the milling operation.

Clearing for Teak PlantingOxen Pulling Teak

Clearing land for plantingBaby Teak Trees

Young SaplingsMilling Operation

Teak PolesTeak Poles