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Dedicated to the Design of Secondary Waste Water Treatment Systems for liquid waste streams

Water Pure Technologies and Keeton Industries offer custom design systems engineered, installed and serviced to handle any lagoon application.  Service includes weekly monitoring and inoculation of waste ponds, equipment maintenance, and repair work.  In addition, quarterly pond samplings with a written report showing the lagoon’s performance are also available.

Water Pure Technologies and Keeton Industries have consistently reduced BOD numbers by as much as 90%, EC salt levels by as much as 3 tons per acre foot, and total nitrogen by 87%.


The Technology Process: How It Works

The Water Pure-Keeton design system is a proven aerobic and microbial system to treat flush lane effluent from CAFOs and municipal and industrial operations. The patented technology centers on subsurface fine bubble aeration and mixing of lagoon effluent to effectively digest and treat the effluent.

Water Pure Technologies utilizes a scientifically formulated microbial blend that is proven to rapidly digest organic solids when used with the Water Pure-Keeton design system.  The microbial blend is formulated with various species of naturally occurring microbes in high quantities, with each species selected for a specific purpose.  The select microbes are designed for cellulose digestion, ammonia reduction, nitrate, phosphorus, and overall water quality improvement and dissolved salt reduction by cellular conversion and absorption in cellular biomass.

The standard system is capable of handling 3,000 milking cows or 50-150 tons of raw manure per day. The processed water is also ideal for irrigating and is considered a fertilizer source. 

Water Pure Technologies installs and guarantees turnkey systems using only the best materials available. The systems provide an 8’ x 12’ steel and fiber glass building housing rotary screw compressors, ozone pure oxygen generators and advanced air filtration systems. The building powers 200 subsurface fine bubble diffusers strategically located throughout the lagoons and require 3 lagoons (150 x 300 x 20), electrical hook-ups, and a cement pad.

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