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Specializing in Soil and Turf Solutions for Turf Managers

Soils in the Southwest have high pH that results in low nutrient availability and high sodium levels causing compaction & poor water movement.

With the help of GOLF & TURF products, managing environmental stresses that are harmful to turf is easy!!!


GOLF &TURF product-line includes:

  • High quality liquid fertilizers for foliar and fertigation applications
  • Technically advanced humic acid (ENHANCE)
  • 100% available liquid calcium (LIQUA-JIP)
  • For maximum water penetration (PENMAX)


 Corporate OFFICE

  • Gloria Waterman, President
  • Mark Armstrong, General Manager
  • Marie Fetalvero, Assistant General Manager
  • Marie Fetalvero, Purchasing Agent
  • Craig Waterman, Consultant

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Golf and Turf

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